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The MVMMapper in 3 minutes

When implementing the Model-View-ViewModel pattern Origin Explained in Silverlight or WPF a lot of the code you write is very repetitive or obvious. Easy things that you add to a view model classes such as a property that raises the PropertyChanged event, a command that calls a method. But also more complex constructions such as support for editing and undo editing and the mapping from the view model class to a class from the model and back again.

The MVMMapper is a generator that easily plugs into Visual Studio and generates most of this code. The generator takes a single XML file (a mapping file) for each ViewModel Class as input and then generates the ViewModel class and its Commands. The generated view model class is easily extended by specifying a base class, implementing a partial method or by adding data and logic to the view model class in a custom partial class.

Next to the very simple scenarios that are supported (mapping the view model class directly to a web service's proxy classes) more complex scenarios are supported as well. Just take the tour by reading the tutorials or, better, do them yourself.

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